Martes, Nobyembre 4, 2014

PSPB Success Story #1

This week’s PSPB Success Story is from a 22-year old employee from the Office of the Cabinet Secretary, Abdul Jabbar A. Marohom.  A graduate of International Studies Major in Asian Studies at Ateneo de Davao University, he started to work as an English Tutor at Davao English Village. But it did not last long. After a few months, he sought for an employment in DPWH-Maguindanao last March, waited for a response for two months, underwent the complete process of screening, but was not accepted for the job. Fortunately though, he got a call from the Cabinet Secretary’s office, was offered a job and got accepted. He is currently an Administrative Assistant II in the aforementioned office and was glad to share his story to us. His story is not as cliché as anyone else’s tale. Let us find out how.

Q:  How is your job?

A: My job is fine. I never could imagine that this opportunity has actually knocked on my door. In this job, I actually can make use of my talents and skills. I can develop them as further as I want to. I am happy that I got this job.

Q: Why did you choose to apply here at ARMM?

A: It was sort of complicated why I applied here at ARMM. The primary reason was that because my father is sick and there’s no adult in the house to take care of him. So, I stayed. But then again, instead of choosing to apply for a job in private institutions, I chose to be of service for the ARMM government. This is because I know that in being a public servant, one could definitely extend his or her wisdom and talents to help improve the existing administration.

Q: What did you feel when you knew that you got the job?

A: I was delighted, of course. No, in fact, I was both delighted and excited when I received a phone call from the PSPB and told me about the job. Just when I thought that my career path had detoured, it was also the time when my career path shed some light and revealed to me what I could become in the next months. It was fulfilling.

Q: In your opinion, why did the appointing authority gave you the job?

A: I believe that they saw a potential in me that one day, I could become better than good. They knew that we can actually help each other in improving one’s current state. I could help them through offering them my knowledge and talents; and they can also help me develop myself through honing what I am right now. It’s a two-way kind of relationship. It’s a win-win situation.

Q: How important is this job to you?

A: Having a job is truly important to me. Before I was appointed, there were times when I did not have a job or something to do and so, my brain was becoming dry, figuratively speaking. I was a bit desperate to have a job because being stuck at home just made everything look so depressing. Then when I finally got this, I felt that I was revived from the unhealthy lifestyle that I once had before. My mind starts to fuel itself because of the work offered to me. My body seems so filled with vigor. That’s when I felt that the job can make the rest of my life more elaborate.

Q: Since your appointment, are there changes that happen to you? If yes, what are those?
A: Well, financially speaking, yes it changed me. I’ve become independent in terms of money. But it’s not just that. I now have my own source of finances to donate to some charitable foundations. It is actually my passion – to help the poor, the less privileged, the children who are deprived of regular intake of food and education. They inspire me to do better. If I must say, my job is making me a better person. Every single day.

Q: What do you want to say to those people who still seek for employment?

A: Do not lose hope. Seeking for employment can actually be rough and tough. It takes time – weeks, months. Well, as for my case, I applied for a job on March and got appointed last July. I prayed to Allah SWT for patience and strength. His ways can be as confusing as it gets. Just when you know that you don’t have a chance to get the job, that’s the time when Allah SWT starts to give you what you really need, not what you want. So be patient with His ways – His mysterious ways. Don’t you ever give up on Him because He will never ever give up on you.

And at last, that was from Abdul Jabbar A. Marohom or Jab, as what he prefer to be called. His tale is not the only entry for our PSPB Success Stories. More and more PSPB Success Stories will be posted every Tuesday to make the other people of the whole of ARMM region see that finding a job with PSPB is all worth the wait and patience.

Finally, the PSPB or Personnel Selection and Promotion Board will work with you to identify your needs, match you to appropriate vacancies and support you with your search for work. Good luck and may Allah SWT bless us all!